ANKAR PHARMA is focused in cover the gap between basic drug discovery research and clinical trials in NCEs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic disorders. Our first project is aimed to multiple sclerosis and based in AP-1, a first-in-class product candidate with a dual MoA and high activity in preclinical models.

Our mission is to accelerate the translation of basic drug discovery research, generated mainly in the founder CSIC group, to clinical trials and eventually to society as effective new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases.

Our vision is to improve the lives of many patients affected with severe pathologies and without current effective treatments. Our goal is to provide society with new effective drugs that allow the slowing down of the disease’s progression and/or halting its advance stage.

Ankar Pharma is concentrated in the development of an innovative treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, based on compounds with demonstrated efficacy in suppressing known MS precursors. Our choice, designated as VP3.15, is a first-in-class product candidate for the treatment of MS patients, contains a dual MoA , and has demonstrated high activity in all key components associated with this disease in the EAE pre-clinical model, such as: decreases of clinical symptoms (neurological score), reduces inflammation, provides neuroprotection and remyelination, and prevents disease development.

Our mission is to accelerate this translation of basic research and drug discovery to clinical trials and eventually to society for the therapeutic treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Our vision is to enhance this drug candidate, and all future drug candidates for neurological diseases and metabolic disorders, to allow for a slowing down of the diseases’ progress, and also a halting of its advancing stage.

Strategy/Business Model

To provide innovative methods in our investigative processes to accelerate new drugs’ entry in the market, that will:

1) Secure an adequate return for the early investors via the completion of milestones, and

2) Allow for an opportunity to leverage our R&D budget via licensing agreements with established Pharma to achieve future success milestones, and eventually gain approval from the regulatory bodies.